Heat Transfer Labels - FAQ

Heat Transfer Labels Ordering Process

  • Quote Request

    Contact us and request a quote via email or through our online form. All requests are replied to within one business day by one of our sales representatives.

  • Digital Proof

    As soon as you order, a digital proof is provided for your approval. Careful and thorough review of the digital proof is a MUST before signing off production.

  • Production

    We start production after your approval of the proof. Production is typically 9-12 business days.

  • Shipping

    We ship the production order out per your shipping instructions after the balance is paid.

Our minimum is 5,000 pcs for heat transfers. Please note that as quantity increases, price per label decreases. Lower quantities can be a lot more expensive overtime. Please contact one of our sales reps for more information.

Our heat transfer labels are 100% custom-made to your design. So, the price depends on the size, quantity, colors and your desired turnaround time. There is no separate set-up charge. Please request a quote online and one of our sales reps will contact you within one business day.

Yes, we can do size and/or color splits within your ordering quantity, but there is an additional charge. Please talk to one of our sales reps to see how we can accommodate your needs.

Our Heat Transfers can be applied to various types of fabric, mainly cotton and polyester, but please talk to one of our sales reps and let them know what kind of fabric you have. Depending on the fabric, we can advise if the heat transfer label fits your needs.

This is a very important question. Heat transfer labels need to be stored in a cool place away from heat and light. They should be used within nine months otherwise the bonding quality deteriorates.

Production takes about 9-12 business days. We don't usually sample heat transfer labels, printed labels or hang tags since they are printed per your digital art proof. We can send you free, general samples that we have produced in the past so that you can test them on your garment. If you need custom samples per your design, please note there is a sampling fee and additional turnaround time.

There is no set-up cost. We can also send you a free sample pack to test on your fabric.

Yes, we don't guarantee a 100% match due to the differences in materials, but we come very, very close. The best way is to provide us with Solid Coated or Uncoated PantoneTM color codes to be matched to your design.

This is totally up to you. Heat Transfer Labels are tagless, so many companies that value comfort, such as yoga wear and baby wear, may opt for this kind of label. They can express sharp vivid detailed designs and withstand normal washing.


1. Set iron or heat press to 302-320ºF (150-160ºC). Higher temperatures can melt vellum backing. If using a household iron, set the dial between the cotton and wool setting with NO STEAM.

2. Place heat transfer with the adhesive side down onto your garment or item. If the adhesive is exposed to the iron or press, the design will adhere onto the press and will be difficult to remove.

3. If using a heat press, press down for 8 seconds. If using a household iron, press FIRMLY, straight down avoiding sweeping motions, for 8-12 seconds.

4. Please follow the instruction below that has been ‘marked’ specifically for your label.

  • # HOT PEEL: Secure garment down and immediately peel off vellum backing. Start at one corner and SWIFTLY remove the film. Do not peel slowly.
  • # COLD PEEL: Wait until the transfer has been completely cooled. Then secure garment down and peel off vellum backing. Start at one corner and SWIFTLY remove the film.

5. Store unused labels loosely in a box under cool temperatures.

Please note the following:

1. Please ask our sales rep for a free sample to test on your specific garment before ordering.

2. Do not exceed the target temperature when applying the heat transfers or they may melt and distort the design.

3. Using a heat transfer press or heat press is highly recommended. Heat transfer labels may slide when applied with a household iron, which can distort the image.

4. Do not stack heat transfer labels together when storing. The substrates may bond together and ruin the designs on the label. Instead, store unused transfers loosely in a box.

5. Sangam Labels is not responsible for product performance or damages to equipment, transfer, or substrates during application or use.

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