Custom Printed Labels

Printed labels are frequently use in garments and apparels, but it can also be used in accessories, footwear, furniture, and other products that need custom printed labels for branding and information. Custom printed labels are versatile and have been used in clothing and fashion products for many years.

Printed Label (Tyvek & Nylon)

Printed Labels (Cotton Twill & Canvas)

Printed Labels (Satin)

How is Sangam Labels's Printed Labels Different?

All of Sangam Labels's printed labels use flexographic ink which does not wash off or fade after only a few uses. There is a cheaper process called "hot stamping" and we do not use this process. Many other label companies use the cheaper method of printing, so be aware.

Satin Printed Labels

Satin printed labels are great for making custom labels to go into t-shirts, infant clothing, and lingerie because they are very soft and versatile.

Cotton Twill & Canvas Printed Labels

The cotton twill and canvas printed labels create a more natural and organic appearance. Cotton twill is light weight and soft, while canvas is heavy weight and rugged.

Tyvek Printed Labels

Tyvek printed labels are most commonly seen on pillows and furniture items, such as sofas, chairs, and mattresses. Tyvek is a woven paper substrate and is very sturdy.

Nylon Printed Labels

Nylon is a thicker substrate used to print labels. Nylon printed labels are commonly used in backpacks and other outdoor gear, but can be used in almost anything.

Printed Label Ordering Process

  • Quote Request

    Contact us and request a quote via email or through our online form. All requests are replied to within one business day by one of our sales representatives.

  • Digital Proof

    We provide you with a digital proof for your approval. Careful and thorough review of the digital proof is a MUST before signing off for production.

  • Production

    We start production after your approval and deposit. Production typically takes about 7-9 business days. Expedite service available!

  • Shipping

    We ship production out per your shipping instructions after balance is paid.

Woven Labels and Patches Ordering Process

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